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Broadband and Polarization Independent Terahertz Metamaterial Filters Using Metal-Dielectric-Metal Complementary Ring Structure
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 Title & Authors
Broadband and Polarization Independent Terahertz Metamaterial Filters Using Metal-Dielectric-Metal Complementary Ring Structure
Qi, Limei;
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Broadband metal-dielectric-metal terahertz filters composed of complementary rings are designed and demonstrated. Four samples with different parameters were fabricated. Results measured using THz time-domain spectroscopy system show excellent agreement with simulations. Compared with the broadband filters reported before, the complementary ring structure in our design is insensitive to any polarization at normal incidence due to symmetry of the ring. Furthermore, the influence of structure parameters (such as period, radius, slot width, thickness and incidence angles) on the transmission characteristics has been investigated theoretically. The encouraging results afforded by designing of the filters could find applications in broadband sensors, terahertz communication systems, and other emerging terahertz technologies.
Broadband;Bandpass filter;Metamaterial;Polarization-independent;
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