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Simple Autocorrelation Measurement by Using a GaP Photoconductive Detector
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 Title & Authors
Simple Autocorrelation Measurement by Using a GaP Photoconductive Detector
Shin, Seong-Il; Lim, Yong-Sik;
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We developed a simple and real-time readout autocorrelator for several tens and sub-10fs pulses, based on the two photon absorption phenomena of a commercial GaP photodetector including a transimpedance amplifier. With a suitable gain adjustment, we demonstrated that the interferometric autocorrelation for sub-nJ pulses delivered as a high output voltage as to resolve all fringes in an autocorrelation trace with features of low noise and a low offset voltage. By fitting the measured quadratic power dependence of output voltages, we obtained the quantum efficiency of TPA for the GaP detector comparable with those of a GaAsP diode and an SHG with a thin BBO crystal. The autocorrelator of a TPA based GaP photodetector is highly suitable for sensitively measuring a few cycle pulses with a broad spectral distribution from 600 nm to 1100 nm.
Realtime autocorrelator;Collinear interferometric autocorrelation;GaP photodetector;Two photon absorption;
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