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Establishment of a Simple and Rapid Gene Delivery System for Cucurbits by Using Engineered Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus
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  • Journal title : The Plant Pathology Journal
  • Volume 32, Issue 1,  2016, pp.70-76
  • Publisher : Korean Society of Plant Pathology
  • DOI : 10.5423/PPJ.NT.08.2015.0173
 Title & Authors
Establishment of a Simple and Rapid Gene Delivery System for Cucurbits by Using Engineered Zucchini Yellow Mosaic Virus
Kang, Minji; Seo, Jang Kyun; Choi, Hoseong; Choi, Hong Soo; Kim, Kook Hyung;
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The infectious full-length cDNA clone of zucchini yellow mosaic virus (ZYMV) isolate PA (pZYMV-PA), which was isolated from pumpkin, was constructed by utilizing viral transcription and processing signals to produce infectious in vivo transcripts. Simple rub-inoculation of plasmid DNAs of pZYMV-PA was successful to cause infection of zucchini plants (Cucurbita pepo L.). We further engineered this infectious cDNA clone of ZYMV as a viral vector for systemic expression of heterologous proteins in cucurbits. We successfully expressed two reporter genes including gfp and bar in zucchini plants by simple rub-inoculation of plasmid DNAs of the ZYMV-based expression constructs. Our method of the ZYMV-based viral vector in association with the simple rub-inoculation provides an easy and rapid approach for introduction and evaluation of heterologous genes in cucurbits.
gene delivery;infectious clone;ZYMV;
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