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A MOSFET`s Driver Applied to High-frequency Switching with Wide Range of Duty Cycles
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  • Journal title : Journal of Power Electronics
  • Volume 15, Issue 5,  2015, pp.1402-1408
  • Publisher : The Korean Institute of Power Electronics
  • DOI : 10.6113/JPE.2015.15.5.1402
 Title & Authors
A MOSFET`s Driver Applied to High-frequency Switching with Wide Range of Duty Cycles
Zhang, Zhao; Xie, Shaojun;
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A MOSFET`s gate driver based on magnetic coupling is investigated. The gate driver can meet the demands in applications for wide range of duty cycles and high frequency. Fully galvanic isolation can be realized, and no auxiliary supply is needed. The driver is insensitive to the leakage inductor of the isolated transformer. No gate resistor is needed to damp the oscillation, and thus the peak output current of the gate driver can be improved. Design of the driving transformer can also be made more flexible, which helps to improve the isolation voltage between the power stage and the control electronics, and aids to enhance the electromagnetic compatibility. The driver`s operation principle is analyzed, and the design method for its key parameters is presented. The performance analysis is validated via experiment. The disadvantages of the traditional magnetic coupling and optical coupling have been conquered through the investigated circuit.
High Frequency;Magnetic Couple;MOSFET`s Driver;Wide Range of Duty Cycle;
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