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Analysis and Implementation of ANFIS-based Rotor Position Controller for BLDC Motors
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  • Journal title : Journal of Power Electronics
  • Volume 16, Issue 2,  2016, pp.564-571
  • Publisher : The Korean Institute of Power Electronics
  • DOI : 10.6113/JPE.2016.16.2.564
 Title & Authors
Analysis and Implementation of ANFIS-based Rotor Position Controller for BLDC Motors
Navaneethakkannan, C.; Sudha, M.;
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This study proposes an adaptive neuro-fuzzy inference system (ANFIS)-based rotor position controller for brushless direct current (BLDC) motors to improve the control performance of the drive under transient and steady-state conditions. The dynamic response of a BLDC motor to the proposed ANFIS controller is considered as standard reference input. The effectiveness of the proposed controller is compared with that of the proportional integral derivative (PID) controller and fuzzy PID controller. The proposed controller solves the problem of nonlinearities and uncertainties caused by the reference input changes of BLDC motors and guarantees a fast and accurate dynamic response with an outstanding steady-state performance. Furthermore, the ANFIS controller provides low torque ripples and high starting torque. The detailed study includes a MATLAB-based simulation and an experimental prototype to illustrate the feasibility of the proposed topology.
ANFIS controller;BLDC motor;Fuzzy PID controller;MATLAB/Simulink;PID controller;
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