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Improved Decoupled Control and Islanding Detection of Inverter-Based Distribution in Multibus Microgrid Systems
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  • Journal title : Journal of Power Electronics
  • Volume 16, Issue 4,  2016, pp.1526-1540
  • Publisher : The Korean Institute of Power Electronics
  • DOI : 10.6113/JPE.2016.16.4.1526
 Title & Authors
Improved Decoupled Control and Islanding Detection of Inverter-Based Distribution in Multibus Microgrid Systems
Pinto, Smitha Joyce; Panda, Gayadhar;
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This work mainly discusses an accurate and fast islanding detection based on fractional wavelet packet transform (FRWPT)for multibus microgrid systems. The proposed protection scheme uses combined desirable features retrieved from discrete fractional Fourier transform (FRFT) and wavelet packet transform (WPT) techniques, which provides precise time-frequency information on minute perturbation signals introduced in the system. Moreover, this study focuses on the design of decoupling control with a distributed controller based on state feedback for the efficient operation of microgrid systems that are transitioning from the grid-connected mode to the islanded mode. An IEEE 9-bus test system with inverter based distributed generation (DG) units is considered for islanding assessment and smooth operation. Finally, tracking errors are greatly reduced with stability improvement based on the proposed controller. FRWPT based islanding detection is demonstrated via a time domain simulation of the system. Simulated results show an improvement in system stability with the application of the proposed controller and accurate islanding detection based on the FRWPT technique in comparison with the results obtained by applying the wavelet transform (WT) and WPT.
Decoupled controller;Fractional wavelet packet transform;Islanding detection;Microgrid;Observer;Power flow control;
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