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A Single-Ended ADC with Split Dual-Capacitive-Array for Multi-Channel Systems
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 Title & Authors
A Single-Ended ADC with Split Dual-Capacitive-Array for Multi-Channel Systems
Cho, Seong-Jin; Kim, Ju Eon; Shin, Dong Ho; Yoon, Dong-Hyun; Jung, Dong-Kyu; Jeon, Hong Tae; Lee, Seok; Baek, Kwang-Hyun;
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This paper presents a power and area efficient SAR ADC for multi-channel near threshold-voltage (NTV) applications such as neural recording systems. This work proposes a split dual-capacitive-array (S-DCA) structure with shifted input range for ultra low-switching energy and architecture of multi-channel single-ended SAR ADC which employs only one comparator. In addition, the proposed ADC has the same amount of equivalent capacitance at two comparator inputs, which minimizes the kickback noise. Compared with conventional SAR ADC, this work reduces the total capacitance and switching energy by 84.8% and 91.3%, respectively.
Multi channel;Near threshold-voltage (NTV);Analog-to-digital converter (ADC);Digital-to-analog converter (DAC);Successive approximation register (SAR);Split dual-capacitive-array (S-DCA);
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