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Cathode Side Engineering to Raise Holding Voltage of SCR in a 0.5-㎛ 24 V CDMOS Process
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 Title & Authors
Cathode Side Engineering to Raise Holding Voltage of SCR in a 0.5-㎛ 24 V CDMOS Process
Wang, Yang; Jin, Xiangliang; Zhou, Acheng; Yang, Liu;
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A set of novel silicon controlled rectifier (SCR) devices` characteristics have been analyzed and verified under the electrostatic discharge (ESD) stress. A ring-shaped diffusion was added to their anode or cathode in order to improve the holding voltage (Vh) of SCR structure by creating new current discharging path and decreasing the emitter injection efficiency () of parasitic Bipolar Junction Transistor (BJT). ESD current density distribution imitated by 2-dimensional (2D) TCAD simulation demonstrated that an additional current path exists in the proposed SCR. All the related devices were investigated and characterized based on transmission line pulse (TLP) test system in a standard 24 V CDMOS process. The proposed SCR devices with ring-shaped anode (RASCR) and ring-shaped cathode (RCSCR) own higher Vh than that of Simple SCR (S_SCR). Especially, the Vh of RCSCR has been raised above 33 V. What`s more, their holding current is kept over 800 mA, which makes it possible to design power clamp with SCR structure for on chip ESD protection and keep the protected chip away from latch-up risk.
ESD devices;holding voltage elevating;SCR structure;ring-shaped cathode;
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