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Multi-Channel Audio CODEC with Channel Interference Suppression
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 Title & Authors
Multi-Channel Audio CODEC with Channel Interference Suppression
Choi, Moo-Yeol; Lee, Sung-No; Lee, Myung-Jin; Lee, Yong-Hee; Park, Ho-Jin; Kong, Bai-Sun;
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A multi-channel audio CODEC with inter-channel interference suppression is proposed, in which channel switching noise-referred sampling error is significantly reduced. It also supports a coarse/fine mode operation for fast frequency tracking with good harmonic performance. The proposed multi-channel audio CODEC was designed in a 65 nm CMOS process. Measured results indicated that SNR and SNDR of ADC were 93 dB and 84dB, respectively, with SNDR improved by 43 dB. Those of DAC were 96 dB and 87 dB, respectively, with SNDR improved by 45 dB when all the channels are running independently.
Multi-channel audio CODEC;delta-sigma modulator;ADC;DAC;channel interference;
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