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Design of a Two-Stage Driver for LED MR16 Retrofit Lamps Compatible with Electronic Transformers
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 Title & Authors
Design of a Two-Stage Driver for LED MR16 Retrofit Lamps Compatible with Electronic Transformers
Yim, Sungwon; Lee, Hyongmin; Lee, Bongjin; Kang, Kyucheol; Kim, Suhwan;
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Drivers for LED MR16 retrofit lamps need to be compatible with the dimmers and electronic transformers which originally operated with the halogen lamps to be replaced. We present a two-stage MR16 LED driver consisting of a boost converter in the first stage and a buck converter in the second stage. Our design has been analyzed in the frequency domain using simulations to demonstrate that it effectively suppresses the high-frequency components of the AC output of the electronic transformer. Experiment results with a driver prototype verify the simulation results as well as dimmability.
LED driver;MR16;retrofit;triac dimmer;electronic transformer;
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