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Enhanced Efficiency of Transmit and Receive Module with Ga Doped MgZnO Semiconductor Device by Growth Thickness
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 Title & Authors
Enhanced Efficiency of Transmit and Receive Module with Ga Doped MgZnO Semiconductor Device by Growth Thickness
Shim, Bo-Hyun; Jo, Hee-Jin; Kim, Dong-Jin; Chae, Jong-Mok;
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The structural, electrical properties of Ga doped MgZnO transparent conductive oxide (TCO) films by ratio-frequency(RF) magnetron sputtering were investigated. Ga doped MgZnO TCO films were deposited on the sapphire substrates at varying growth thickness 200 to 600 nm. The optical properties of Ga doped MgZnO TCO films were showed above 85% transmittance from 300 to 1000 nm region. In addition, the current density () of (CIGS) solar cells was improved by using the MgZnO:Ga films of 500 nm thickness because of outstanding electrical properties. The solar cells with MgZnO:Ga transparent conducing layer yielded an efficiency of 9.8% with current density (), open circuit voltage (540.2 V) and fill factor (62.2) under AM 1.5 illumination.
Solar cells;sputtering;electrical properties;optical properties;
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