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Efficient Hardware Implementation of Real-time Rectification using Adaptively Compressed LUT
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 Title & Authors
Efficient Hardware Implementation of Real-time Rectification using Adaptively Compressed LUT
Kim, Jong-hak; Kim, Jae-gon; Oh, Jung-kyun; Kang, Seong-muk; Cho, Jun-Dong;
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Rectification is used as a preprocessing to reduce the computation complexity of disparity estimation. However, rectification also requires a complex computation. To minimize the computing complexity, rectification using a lookup-table (R-LUT) has been introduced. However, since, the R-LUT consumes large amount of memory, rectification with compressed LUT (R-CLUT) has been introduced. However, the more we reduce the memory consumption, the more we need decoding overhead. Therefore, we need to attain an acceptable trade-off between the size of LUT and decoding overhead. In this paper, we present such a trade-off by adaptively combining simple coding methods, such as differential coding, modified run-length coding (MRLE), and Huffman coding. Differential coding is applied to transform coordinate data into a differential form in order to further improve the coding efficiency along with Huffman coding for better stability and MRLE for better performance. Our experimental results verified that our coding scheme yields high performance with maintaining robustness. Our method showed about ranging from 1 % to 16 % lower average inverse of compression ratio than the existing methods. Moreover, we maintained low latency with tolerable hardware overhead for real-time implementation.
Stereo-vision;rectification;data compression;real-time processing;Huffman coding;differential coding;run-length coding;
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