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A Locality-Aware Write Filter Cache for Energy Reduction of STTRAM-Based L1 Data Cache
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 Title & Authors
A Locality-Aware Write Filter Cache for Energy Reduction of STTRAM-Based L1 Data Cache
Kong, Joonho;
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Thanks to superior leakage energy efficiency compared to SRAM cells, STTRAM cells are considered as a promising alternative for a memory element in on-chip caches. However, the main disadvantage of STTRAM cells is high write energy and latency. In this paper, we propose a low-cost write filter (WF) cache which resides between the load/store queue and STTRAM-based L1 data cache. To maximize efficiency of the WF cache, the line allocation and access policies are optimized for reducing energy consumption of STTRAM-based L1 data cache. By efficiently filtering the write operations in the STTRAM-based L1 data cache, our proposed WF cache reduces energy consumption of the STTRAM-based L1 data cache by up to 43.0% compared to the case without the WF cache. In addition, thanks to the fast hit latency of the WF cache, it slightly improves performance by 0.2%.
Spin torque transfer random access memory;filter cache;energy efficiency;performance;L1 data cache;
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