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High-Speed Low-Power Junctionless Field-Effect Transistor with Ultra-Thin Poly-Si Channel for Sub-10-nm Technology Node
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 Title & Authors
High-Speed Low-Power Junctionless Field-Effect Transistor with Ultra-Thin Poly-Si Channel for Sub-10-nm Technology Node
Kim, Youngmin; Lee, Junsoo; Cho, Yongbeom; Lee, Won Jae; Cho, Seongjae;
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Recently, active efforts are being made for future Si CMOS technology by various researches on emerging devices and materials. Capability of low power consumption becomes increasingly important criterion for advanced logic devices in extending the Si CMOS. In this work, a junctionless field-effect transistor (JLFET) with ultra-thin poly-Si (UTP) channel is designed aiming the sub-10-nm technology for low-power (LP) applications. A comparative study by device simulations has been performed for the devices with crystalline and polycrystalline Si channels, respectively, in order to demonstrate that the difference in their performances becomes smaller and eventually disappears as the 10-nm regime is reached. The UTP JLFET would be one of the strongest candidates for advanced logic technology, with various virtues of high-speed operation, low power consumption, and low-thermal-budget process integration.
Si CMOS;low power consumption;junctionless field-effect transistor;ultra-thin poly-Si channel;device simulation;high-speed operation;low thermal budget;
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