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Edge Cut Process for Reducing Ni Content at Channel Edge Region in Metal Induced Lateral Crystallization Poly-Si TFTs
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 Title & Authors
Edge Cut Process for Reducing Ni Content at Channel Edge Region in Metal Induced Lateral Crystallization Poly-Si TFTs
SEOK, Ki Hwan; Kim, Hyung Yoon; Park, Jae Hyo; Lee, Sol Kyu; Lee, Yong Hee; Joo, Seung Ki;
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Nickel silicide is main issue in Polycrystalline silicon Thin Film Transistor (TFT) which is made by Metal Induced Lateral Crystallization (MILC) method. This Nickel silicide acts as a defect center, and this defect is one of the biggest reason of the high leakage current. In this research, we fabricated polycrystalline TFTs with novel method called Edge Cut (EC). With this new fabrication method, we assumed that nickel silicide at the edge of the channel region is reduced. Electrical properties are measured and trap state density also calculated using Levinson & Proano method.
Polycrystalline silicon (Poly-Si);nickel silicide;metal induced lateral crystallization (MILC);edge cut (EC);
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