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3D TCAD Analysis of Hot-Carrier Degradation Mechanisms in 10 nm Node Input/Output Bulk FinFETs
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 Title & Authors
3D TCAD Analysis of Hot-Carrier Degradation Mechanisms in 10 nm Node Input/Output Bulk FinFETs
Son, Dokyun; Jeon, Sangbin; Kang, Myounggon; Shin, Hyungcheol;
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In this paper, we investigated the hotcarrier injection (HCI) mechanism, one of the most important reliability issues, in 10 nm node Input/Output (I/O) bulk FinFET. The FinFET has much intensive HCI damage in Fin-bottom region, while the HCI damage for planar device has relatively uniform behavior. The local damage behavior in the FinFET is due to the geometrical characteristics. Also, the HCI is significantly affected by doping profile, which could change the worst HCI bias condition. This work suggested comprehensive understanding of HCI mechanisms and the guideline of doping profile in 10 nm node I/O bulk FinFET.
Hot carrier injection;input/output devices;bulk FinFET;
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