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Efficient Pre-Bond Testing of TSV Defects Based on IEEE std. 1500 Wrapper Cells
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 Title & Authors
Efficient Pre-Bond Testing of TSV Defects Based on IEEE std. 1500 Wrapper Cells
Jung, Jihun; Ansari, Muhammad Adil; Kim, Dooyoung; Park, Sungju;
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The yield of 3D stacked IC manufacturing improves with the pre-bond integrity testing of through silicon vias (TSVs). In this paper, an efficient pre-bond test method is presented based on IEEE std. 1500, which can precisely diagnose any happening of TSV defects. The IEEE std. 1500 wrapper cells are augmented for the proposed method. The pre-bond TSV test can be performed by adjusting the driving strength of TSV drivers and the test clock frequency. The experimental results show the advantages of the proposed approach.
TSV defect;IEEE std. 1500 wrapper cell;load capacitance;delay test;pre-bond test;
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