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Reconfigurable FIR Filter for Dynamic Variation of Filter Order and Filter Coefficients
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 Title & Authors
Reconfigurable FIR Filter for Dynamic Variation of Filter Order and Filter Coefficients
Meher, Pramod Kumar; Park, Sang Yoon;
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Reconfigurable finite impulse response (FIR) filters whose filter coefficients and filter order change dynamically during run-time play an important role in the software defined radio (SDR) systems, multi-channel filters, and digital up/down converters. However, there are not many reports on such reconfigurable designs which can support dynamic variation of filter order and filter coefficients. The purpose of this paper is to provide an architectural solution for the FIR filters to support run-time variation of the filter order and filter coefficients. First, two straightforward designs, namely, (i) single-MAC based design and (ii) full-parallel design are presented. For large variation of the filter order, two designs based on (iii) folded structure and (iv) fast FIR algorithm are presented. Finally, we propose (v) high throughput design which provides significant advantage in terms of hardware and/or time complexities over the other designs. We compare complexities of all the five structures, and provide the synthesis results for verification.
Finite impulse response, FIR;digital circuit;reconfigurable;software defined radio;
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