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Improving Energy Efficiency and Lifetime of Phase Change Memory using Delta Value Indicator
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 Title & Authors
Improving Energy Efficiency and Lifetime of Phase Change Memory using Delta Value Indicator
Choi, Ju Hee; Kwak, Jong Wook;
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Phase change memory (PCM) has been studied as an emerging memory technology for last-level cache (LLC) due to its extremely low leakage. However, it consumes high levels of energy in updating cells and its write endurance is limited. To relieve the write pressure of LLC, we propose a delta value indicator (DVI) by employing a small cache which stores the difference between the value currently stored and the value newly loaded. Since the write energy consumption of the small cache is less than the LLC, the energy consumption is reduced by access to the small cache instead of the LLC. In addition, the lifetime of the LLC is further extended because the number of write accesses to the LLC is decreased. To this end, a delta value indicator and controlling circuits are inserted into the LLC. The simulation results show a 26.8% saving of dynamic energy consumption and a 31.7% lifetime extension compared to a state-of-the-art scheme for PCM.
Phase change memory (PCM);non-volatile memory (NVM);energy saving techniques;write endurance;
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