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Performance Oriented Docket-NoC (Dt-NoC) Scheme for Fast Communication in NoC
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 Title & Authors
Performance Oriented Docket-NoC (Dt-NoC) Scheme for Fast Communication in NoC
Vijayaraj, M.; Balamurugan, K.;
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Today`s multi-core technology rapidly increases with more and more Intellectual Property cores on a single chip. Network-on-Chip (NoC) is an emerging communication network design for SoC. For efficient on-chip communication, routing algorithms plays an important role. This paper proposes a novel multicast routing technique entitled as Docket NoC (Dt-NoC), which eliminates the need of routing tables for faster communication. This technique reduces the latency and computing power of NoC. This work uses a CURVE restriction based algorithm to restrict few CURVES during the communication between source and destination and it prevents the network from deadlock and livelock. Performance evaluation is done by utilizing cycle accurate RTL simulator and by Cadence TSMC 18 nm technology. Experimental results show that the Dt-NoC architecture consumes power approximately 33.75% 27.65% and 24.85% less than Baseline XY, EnA, OEnA architectures respectively. Dt-NoC performs good as compared to other routing algorithms such as baseline XY, EnA, OEnA distributed architecture in terms of latency, power and throughput.
SoC;NoC;Docket-NoC;Multiprocessor;Mesh topology;
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