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Strained Ge Light Emitter with Ge on Dual Insulators for Improved Thermal Conduction and Optical Insulation
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 Title & Authors
Strained Ge Light Emitter with Ge on Dual Insulators for Improved Thermal Conduction and Optical Insulation
Kim, Youngmin; Petykiewicz, Jan; Gupta, Shashank; Vuckovic, Jelena; Saraswat, Krishna C.; Nam, Donguk;
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We present a new way to create a thermally stable, highly strained germanium (Ge) optical resonator using a novel Ge-on-dual-insulators substrate. Instead of using a conventional way to undercut the oxide layer of a Ge-on-single-insulator substrate for inducing tensile strain in germanium, we use thin aluminum oxide as a sacrificial layer. By eliminating the air gap underneath the active germanium layer, we achieve an optically insulating, thermally conductive, and highly strained Ge resonator structure that is critical for a practical germanium laser. Using Raman spectroscopy and photoluminescence experiments, we prove that the novel geometry of our Ge resonator structure provides a significant improvement in thermal stability while maintaining good optical confinement.
Strain;Germanium;Light emitter;Optical interconnects;Thermal conduction;
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