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Inter-layer Texture and Syntax Prediction for Scalable Video Coding
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 Title & Authors
Inter-layer Texture and Syntax Prediction for Scalable Video Coding
Lim, Woong; Choi, Hyomin; Nam, Junghak; Sim, Donggyu;
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In this paper, we demonstrate inter-layer prediction tools for scalable video coders. The proposed scalable coder is designed to support not only spatial, quality and temporal scalabilities, but also view scalability. In addition, we propose quad-tree inter-layer prediction tools to improve coding efficiency at enhancement layers. The proposed inter-layer prediction tools generate texture prediction signal with exploiting texture, syntaxes, and residual information from a reference layer. Furthermore, the tools can be used with inter and intra prediction blocks within a large coding unit. The proposed framework guarantees the rate distortion performance for a base layer because it does not have any compulsion such as constraint intra prediction. According to experiments, the framework supports the spatial scalable functionality with about 18.6%, 18.5% and 25.2% overhead bits against to the single layer coding. The proposed inter-layer prediction tool in multi-loop decoding design framework enables to achieve coding gains of 14.0%, 5.1%, and 12.1% in BD-Bitrate at the enhancement layer, compared to a single layer HEVC for all-intra, low-delay, and random access cases, respectively. For the single-loop decoding design, the proposed quad-tree inter-layer prediction can achieve 14.0%, 3.7%, and 9.8% bit saving.
HEVC;Scalable coding;Scalable video;Inter-layer texture prediction;Inter-layer syntax prediction;
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