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Design of a High-efficiency Fiber-to-chip Coupler with Reflectors
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 Title & Authors
Design of a High-efficiency Fiber-to-chip Coupler with Reflectors
Yoo, Keon; Lee, Jong-Ho;
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In this paper, an inversely tapered coupler with Bragg reflectors is reported for the first time. With appropriately positioned reflecting structures, our fiber-to-chip coupler can more efficiently transmit the light from fiber to a waveguide in a photonic integrated circuit (PIC). A numerical simulation evaluated the coupler`s efficiency with the reflector. Optimized parameters that maximize the efficiency of the coupler are also investigated. Simulation results show that the reflector with appropriate parameters enhances efficiency by up to 7 dB. Likewise, Bragg metal reflectors implemented by the conventional metallization process can also improve efficiency. It is also shown that the proposed reflector enhances the coupling efficiency in a double-tip taper coupler.
Silicon nanophotonics;Coupler;Reflector;Design;
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