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Entropy-based Correlation Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks in Multi-Correlated Regional Environments
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 Title & Authors
Entropy-based Correlation Clustering for Wireless Sensor Networks in Multi-Correlated Regional Environments
Nga, Nguyen Thi Thanh; Khanh, Nguyen Kim; Hong, Son Ngo;
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The existence of correlation characteristics brings significant potential advantages to the development of efficient routing protocols in wireless sensor networks. This research proposes a new simple method of clustering sensor nodes into correlation groups in multiple-correlation areas. At first, the evaluation of joint entropy for multiple-sensed data is considered. Based on the evaluation, the definition of correlation region, based on entropy theory, is proposed. Following that, a correlation clustering scheme with less computation is developed. The results are validated with a real data set.
Entropy;Correlation clustering;Entropy correlation coefficient;Multi-correlation regions;
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