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Nanotextured Si Solar Cells on Microtextured Pyramidal Surfaces by Silver-assisted Chemical Etching Process
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 Title & Authors
Nanotextured Si Solar Cells on Microtextured Pyramidal Surfaces by Silver-assisted Chemical Etching Process
Parida, Bhaskar; Choi, Jaeho; Palei, Srikanta; Kim, Keunjoo; Kwak, Seung Jong;
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We investigated nanotextured Si solar cells using the silver-assisted chemical etching process. The nanotexturing process is very sensitive to the concentration of chemical etching solution. The high concentration process results in a nanowire formation for the nanosurfaces and causes severe surface damage to the top region of the micropyramids. These nanowires show excellent light absorption in photoreflectance spectra and radiative light emission in photoluminescence spectra. However, the low concentration process forms a nano-roughened surface and provides high minority carrier lifetimes. The nano-roughened surfaces of the samples show the improved electrical cell properties of quantum efficiency, conversion efficiency, and cell fill factor due to the reduction in the formation of the over-doped dead layer.
Nanotextured Si surface;Micropyramid;Nanocavity lasing;Si solar cells;
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