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Improvement of Mobility in Oxide-Based Thin Film Transistors: A Brief Review
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 Title & Authors
Improvement of Mobility in Oxide-Based Thin Film Transistors: A Brief Review
Raja, Jayapal; Jang, Kyungsoo; Nguyen, Cam Phu Thi; Yi, Junsin; Balaji, Nagarajan; Hussain, Shahzada Qamar; Chatterjee, Somenath;
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Amorphous oxide-based thin-film transistors (TFTs) have drawn a lot of attention recently for the next-generation high-resolution display industry. The required field-effect mobility of oxide-based TFTs has been increasing rapidly to meet the demands of the high-resolution, large panel size and 3D displays in the market. In this regard, the current status and major trends in the high mobility oxide-based TFTs are briefly reviewed. The various approaches, including the use of semiconductor, dielectric, electrode materials and the corresponding device structures for realizing high mobility oxide-based TFT devices are discussed.
Metal oxide semiconductors;High mobility TFT;Flat panel displays;
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