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Effects of the Ag Layer Embedded in NIZO Layers as Transparent Conducting Electrodes for Liquid Crystal Displays
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 Title & Authors
Effects of the Ag Layer Embedded in NIZO Layers as Transparent Conducting Electrodes for Liquid Crystal Displays
Oh, Byeong-Yun; Heo, Gi-Seok;
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In the present work, a Ni-doped indium zinc oxide (NIZO) film and its multilayers with Ag layers were investigated as transparent conducting electrodes for liquid crystal display (LCD) applications, as a substitute for indium tin oxide (ITO) electrodes. By interposing the Ag layer between the NIZO layers, the loss of the optical transmittance occurred; however, the Ag layer brought enhancement of electrical sheet resistance to the NIZO/Ag/NIZO multilayer electrode. The twisted nematic cell based on the NIZO/Ag/NIZO multilayer electrode exhibited superior electro-optical characteristics than those based on single NIZO electrode and was competitive compared to those based on the conventional ITO electrode. An LCD-based NIZO/Ag/NIZO multilayer electrode may allow new approaches to conventional ITO electrodes in display technology.
Transparent conducting electrode;Ni-doped indium zinc oxide;Oxide-metal-oxide multilayer;Liquid crystal alignment;Ag layer;
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