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A New Single-Stage Small Power MH lamp Electronic Ballast
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 Title & Authors
A New Single-Stage Small Power MH lamp Electronic Ballast
Zhang, Xiaoqiang; Zhang, Weiping; Zhang, Mao;
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In this study, we proposed a new single-stage small power MH lamp electronic ballast and power-factor correction circuit with improved circuit by the current of passive power factor correction. Main circuit integrates traditional DC/DC and DC/AC circuits into one-stage DC/AC inverter. Moreover, we described the working principle and control strategy of the new circuit; it`s soft switching principle; and resonant element parameter design formula. An experimental prototype of HID lamp electronic ballast with output power of 70 W was built to verify the feasibility of the analysis and design. The simulation and experimental results proved that the power factor of this circuit could reach 94%, with efficiency of 90%. The input current harmonics conform to IEC 61000-3-2 standards and its cost is low. These superior performances of the new circuit indicate certain practical values.
Current circuit;Power-factor correction;Electronic ballast;
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