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Elution of amikacin and vancomycin from a calcium sulfate/chitosan bone scaffold
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 Title & Authors
Elution of amikacin and vancomycin from a calcium sulfate/chitosan bone scaffold
Doty, Heather A.; Courtney, Harry S.; Jennings, Jessica A.; Haggard, Warren O.; Bumgardner, Joel D.;
Treatment of polymicrobial infected musculoskeletal defects continues to be a challenge in orthopaedics. This research investigated single and dual-delivery of two antibiotics, vancomycin and amikacin, targeting different classes of microorganism from a biodegradable calcium sulfate-chitosan-nHA microsphere composite scaffold. The addition of chitosan-nHA was included to provide additional structure for cellular attachment and as a secondary drug-loading device. All scaffolds exhibited an initial burst of antibiotics, but groups containing chitosan reduced the burst for amikacin at 1hr by 50%, and vancomycin by 14-25% over the first 2 days. Extended elution was present in groups containing chitosan; amikacin was above MIC (, Pseudomonas aeruginosa) for 7-42 days and vancomycin was above MIC ( Staphylococcus aureus) for 42 days. The antibiotic activity of the eluates was tested against S. aureus and P. aeruginosa. The elution from the dual-loaded scaffold was most effective against S. aureus (bacteriostatic 34 days and bactericidal 27 days), compared to vancomycin-loaded scaffolds (bacteriostatic and bactericidal 14 days). The dual- and amikacin-loaded scaffolds were effective against P. aeruginosa, but eluates exhibited very short antibacterial properties; only 24 hours bacteriostatic and 1-5 hours bactericidal activity. For all groups, vancomycin recovery was near 100% whereas the amikacin recovery was 41%. In conclusion, in the presence of chitosan-nHA microspheres, the dual-antibiotic loaded scaffold was able to sustain an extended vancomycin elution longer than individually loaded scaffolds. The composite scaffold shows promise as a dual-drug delivery system for infected orthopaedic wounds and overcomes some deficits of other dual-delivery systems by extending the antibiotic release.
drug delivery;biodegradable scaffolds;chitosan;calcium sulfate;bone regeneration;
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