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Selection of polymer material in the design optimization of a new dynamic spinal implant
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 Title & Authors
Selection of polymer material in the design optimization of a new dynamic spinal implant
Monede-Hocquard, Lucie; Mesnard, Michel; Ramos, Antonio; Gille, Olivier;
"Dynamic stabilization" systems have been developed in recent years to treat degenerative disorders of the spinal column. In contrast to arthrodesis (fusion), the aim here is to conserve intervertebral mobility to maximize comfort. When developing innovative concepts, many mechanical tests need to be carried out in order to validate the different technological solutions. The present study focuses on the B Dyn "dynamic stabilization" device (S14 Implants, Pessac, France), the aim being to optimize the choice of polymer material used for one of the implant`s components. The device allows mobility but also limit the range of movement. The stiffness of the ring remains a key design factor, which has to be optimized. Phase one consisted of static tests on the implant, as a result of which a polyurethane (PU) was selected, material no.2 of the five elastomers tested. In phase two, dynamic tests were carried out. The fatigue resistance of the B Dyn system was tested over five million cycles with the properties of the polymer elements being measured using dynamic mechanical analysis (DMA) after every million cycles. This analysis demonstrated changes in stiffness and in the damping factor which guided the choice of elastomer for the B Dyn implant.
design optimization;elastomers;mechanical behavior;mechanical tests;spinal implant;
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