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Biomechanical study of the Spider Crab as inspiration for the development of a biomimetic robot
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 Title & Authors
Biomechanical study of the Spider Crab as inspiration for the development of a biomimetic robot
Rynkevic, Rita; Silva, Manuel F.; Marques, M. Arcelina;
A problem faced by oil companies is the maintenance of the location register of pipelines that cross the surf zone, the regular survey of their location, and also their inspection. A survey of the state of art did not allow identifying operating systems capable of executing such tasks. Commercial technologies available on the market also do not address this problem and/or do not satisfy the presented requirements. A possible solution is to use robotic systems which have the ability to walk on the shore and in the surf zone, subject to existing currents and ripples, and being able to withstand these ambient conditions. In this sense, the authors propose the development of a spider crab biologically inspired robot to achieve those tasks. Based on these ideas, this work presents a biomechanical study of the spider crab, its modeling and simulation using the SimMechanics toolbox of Matlab/Simulink, which is the first phase of this more vast project. Results show a robot model that is moving in an "animal like" manner, the locomotion, the algorithm presented in this paper allows the crab to walk sideways, in the desired direction.
biomechanics;bioinspired robotics Spider Crab;modeling;simulation;SimMechanics;
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