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On the use of numerical models for validation of high frequency based damage detection methodologies
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 Title & Authors
On the use of numerical models for validation of high frequency based damage detection methodologies
Aguirre, Diego A.; Montejo, Luis A.;
This article identifies and addresses current limitations on the use of numerical models for validation and/or calibration of damage detection methodologies that are based on the analysis of the high frequency response of the structure to identify the occurrence of abrupt anomalies. Distributed-plasticity non-linear fiber-based models in combination with experimental data from a full-scale reinforced concrete column test are used to point out current modeling techniques limitations. It was found that the numerical model was capable of reproducing the global and local response of the structure at a wide range of inelastic demands, including the occurrences of rebar ruptures. However, when abrupt sudden damage occurs, like rebar fracture, a high frequency pulse is detected in the accelerations recorded in the structure that the numerical model is incapable of reproducing. Since the occurrence of such pulse is fundamental on the detection of damage, it is proposed to add this effect to the simulated response before it is used for validation purposes.
numerical models;damage detection;signal-processing;wavelets;reinforced concrete;
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