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Structural health monitoring of innovative civil engineering structures in Mainland China
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 Title & Authors
Structural health monitoring of innovative civil engineering structures in Mainland China
Li, Hong-Nan; Li, Dong-Sheng; Ren, Liang; Yi, Ting-Hua; Jia, Zi-Guang; LI, Kun-Peng;
This paper describes the backgrounds, motivations and recent history of structural health monitoring (SHM) developments to various types of engineering structures. Extensive applications of SHM technologies in bridges, high-rise buildings, sport avenues, offshore platforms, underground structures, dams, etc. in mainland China are summarily categorized and listed in tables. Sensors used in implementations, their deployment, damage identification strategies if applicable, preliminary monitoring achievements and experience are presented in the lists. Finally, existing problems and promising research efforts in civil SHM are discussed, highlighting challenges and future trends.
structural health monitoring;large-span civil infrastructure;high-rise buildings;damage identification;data normalization;
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