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Dynamic testing and health monitoring of historic and modern civil structures in Italy
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 Title & Authors
Dynamic testing and health monitoring of historic and modern civil structures in Italy
Gattulli, Vincenzo; Lepidi, Marco; Potenza, Francesco;
The paper reports a wide overview of the scientific activities on Structural Health Monitoring (SHM) in Italy. They are classified on three different conceptual scales: national territory (macro); regional area (medium); single structure (small). In the latter case differences have been pointed out between permanent installation and short-term experimental campaigns. A particular focus has been dedicated to applications devoted to cultural heritage which have an important historic, strategic and economic value for Italy. Two specific cases, the first related to the permanent monitoring of an historical Basilica and the second regarding the dynamic testing of a modern structure, have been presented as a basis for a general discussion.
structural health monitoring;system identification;cultural heritage;dynamics;
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