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Recent R&D activities on structural health monitoring in Korea
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 Title & Authors
Recent R&D activities on structural health monitoring in Korea
Kim, Jeong-Tae; Sim, Sung-Han; Cho, Soojin; Yun, Chung-Bang; Min, Jiyoung;
In this paper, recent research trends and activities on structural health monitoring (SHM) of civil infrastructure in Korea are reviewed. Recently, there has been increasing need for adopting smart sensing technologies to SHM, so this review focuses on smart sensing, monitoring, and assessment for civil infrastructure. Firstly, the research activities on smart sensor technology is reviewed including optical fiber sensors, piezoelectric sensors, wireless smart sensors, and vision-based sensing system. Then, a brief overview is given to the recent advances in smart monitoring and assessment techniques such as vibration-based global monitoring techniques, local monitoring with piezoelectric materials, decentralized monitoring techniques for wireless sensors, wireless power supply and energy harvest. Finally, recent joint SHM activities on several test beds in Korea are discussed to share the up-to-date information and to promote the smart sensors and monitoring technologies for applications to civil infrastructure. It includes a Korea-US joint research on test bridges of the Korea Expressway Corporation (KEC), a Korea-US-Japan joint research on Jindo cable-stayed bridge, and a comparative study for cable tension measurement techniques on Hwamyung cable-stayed bridge, and a campaign test for displacement measurement techniques on Sorok suspension bridge.
smart sensors;structural health monitoring;damage detection;civil infrastructure;
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유사도 기반 해양 자켓 구조물 손상추정,민천홍;김형우;박상현;오재원;남보우;

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Similarity-based Damage Detection in Offshore Jacket Structures, Journal of Ocean Engineering and Technology, 2016, 30, 4, 287  crossref(new windwow)
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