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Detection of structural damage via free vibration responses by extended Kalman filter with Tikhonov regularization scheme
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 Title & Authors
Detection of structural damage via free vibration responses by extended Kalman filter with Tikhonov regularization scheme
Zhang, Chun; Huang, Jie-Zhong; Song, Gu-Quan; Dai, Lin; Li, Huo-Kun;
It is a challenging problem of assessing the location and extent of structural damages with vibration measurements. In this paper, an improved Extended Kalman filter (EKF) with Tikhonov regularization is proposed to identify structural damages. The state vector of EKF consists of the initial values of modal coordinates and damage parameters of structural elements, therefore the recursive formulas of EKF are simplified and modal truncation technique can be used to reduce the dimension of the state vector. Then Tikhonov regularization is introduced into EKF to restrain the effect of the measurement noise for improving the solution of ill-posed inverse problems. Numerical simulations of a seven-story shear-beam structure and a simply-supported beam show that the proposed method has good robustness and can identify the single or multiple damages accurately with the unknown initial structural state.
extended Kalman filter;structural damage identification;Tikhonov regularization;ill-posed inverse problem;
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