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Pulse-Pre Pump Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis-based method monitoring structural multi-direction strain
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 Title & Authors
Pulse-Pre Pump Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis-based method monitoring structural multi-direction strain
Su, Huaizhi; Yang, Meng; Wen, Zhiping;
The Pulse-Pre Pump Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis (PPP-BOTDA) technique is introduced to implement the multi-direction strain measurement. The monitoring principle is stated. The layout scheme of optical fibers is proposed. The temperature compensation formula and its realizing method are given. The experiments, under tensile load, combined bending and tensile load, are implemented to validate the feasibility of the proposed method. It is shown that the PPP-BOTDA technique can be used to discriminate the multi-direction strains with high spatial resolution and precision.
multi-direction strain measurement;PPP-BOTDA;distributed optical fiber;experimental study;
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