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Multi-dimensional seismic response control of offshore platform structures with viscoelastic dampers (I-Theoretical analysis)
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 Title & Authors
Multi-dimensional seismic response control of offshore platform structures with viscoelastic dampers (I-Theoretical analysis)
He, Xiao-Yu; Li, Hong-Nan; Zhang, Jun;
Based on classical viscoelastic damper, a brand-new damper is designed by the change of simple construction to implement vibration control for both translational vibration and rotational vibration simultaneously. Theoretic analysis has been carried out on the restoring force model and the control parameters. Two improved models are presented to obtain high simulation precision. The influence of the size, shape of the viscoelastic material, the ambient temperature and the response frequency on the vibration control effect is analyzed. The numerical results show that the new type viscoelastic damper is capable of mitigating the multi-dimensional seismic response of offshore platform and the response control effect has complicated relations with aforementioned related factors.
viscoelastic damper;platform;multi-dimensional seismic response;seismic control;
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