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Photovoltaic Characteristics of Low-density Concentration GaAs Solar Cells with/without Anti-reflective Coating
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 Title & Authors
Photovoltaic Characteristics of Low-density Concentration GaAs Solar Cells with/without Anti-reflective Coating
Noh, Sam Kyu; Kim, Jong Soo; Kim, Jin Soo; Yu, Jae Su;
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We have studied photovoltaic characteristics of single-junction GaAs solar cells with/without an anti-reflective coating (ARC) illuminated by low-density concentration (<10 suns). By the ARC deposition, the short-circuit current density () and the fill factor (FF) are increased by and 5% at a standard illumination (1 sun), respectively, and the resulted conversion efficiency is enhanced by 45%. In contrast with the cell with no ARC showing a rapid degradation with increasing concentration power, the efficiency of ARC-deposited cell remains almost constant as ()% regardless of the concentration. It informs that ARC treatment is very effective in GaAs concentrator solar cells.
Solar cell;GaAs;Low-density concentration;Conversion efficiency;
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