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Structural and Electrical Properties of ZrO2 Films Coated onto PET for High-Energy-Density Capacitors
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 Title & Authors
Structural and Electrical Properties of ZrO2 Films Coated onto PET for High-Energy-Density Capacitors
Park, Sangshik;
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Flexible films as dielectric materials for high-energy-density capacitors were deposited on polyethylene terephthalate (PET) substrates by RF magnetron sputtering. The growth behavior, microstructure and electrical properties of the flexible films were dependent on the sputtering pressure and gas ratio. Although films were deposited at room temperature, all films showed a tetragonal crystalline structure regardless of the sputtering variables. The surface of the film became a surface with large white particles upon an increase in the gas ratio. The RMS roughness and crystallite size of the films increased with an increase in the sputtering pressure. The electrical properties of the films were affected by the microstructure and roughness. The films exhibited a dielectric constant of 21~38 at 1 kHz and a leakage current density of at 300 kV/cm.
Flexible film;Sputter;High-energy-density capacitor;Dielectric constant;Leakage current;
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