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Effect of Growth Temperature on the Luminescence Properties of InP/GaP Short-Period Superlattice Structures
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 Title & Authors
Effect of Growth Temperature on the Luminescence Properties of InP/GaP Short-Period Superlattice Structures
Byun, Hye Ryoung; Ryu, Mee-Yi; Song, Jin Dong; Lee, Chang Lyul;
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The optical properties of InP/GaP short-period superlattice (SPS) structures grown at various temperatures from to have been investigated by using temperature-dependent photoluminescence (PL) and emission wavelength-dependent time-resolved PL measurements. The PL peak energy for SPS samples decreases as the growth temperature increases. The decreased PL energy of ~10 meV for the sample grown at compared to that for -grown sample is due to the CuPt-B type ordering, while the SPS samples grown at and exhibit the significant reduction of the PL peak energies due to the combined effects of the formation of lateral composition modulation (LCM) and CuPt-B type ordering. The SPS samples with LCM structure show the enhanced carrier lifetime due to the spatial separation of carriers. This study represents that the bandgap energy of InP/GaP SPS structures can be controlled by varying growth temperature, leading to LCM formation and CuPt-B type ordering.
Short-period superlattice;Lateral composition modulation;photoluminescence;Time-resolved photoluminescence;
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