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Probing the Molecular Orientation of ZnPc on AZO Using Soft X-ray Spectroscopies for Organic Photovoltaic Applications
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 Title & Authors
Probing the Molecular Orientation of ZnPc on AZO Using Soft X-ray Spectroscopies for Organic Photovoltaic Applications
Jung, Yunwoo; Lee, Nalae; Kim, Jonghoon; Im, Yeong Ji; Cho, Sang Wan;
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The interfacial electronic structure between zinc phthalocyanine (ZnPc) and aluminumdoped zinc oxide (AZO) substrates has been evaluated by ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy and angle-dependent x-ray absorption spectroscopy to understanding the molecular orientation of a ZnPc layer on the performance of small molecule organic photovoltaics (OPVs). We find that the ZnPc tilt angle improves the interaction on the AZO substrate, thus leading to an improved short-circuit current in OPVs based on phthalocyanine. Furthermore, the molecular orientation-dependent energy level alignment has been analyzed in detail using ultraviolet photoemission spectroscopy. We also obtained complete energy level diagrams of ZnPc/AZO and ZnPc/indium thin oxide.
Organic semiconductors;Molecular orientation;ZnPc;AZO;
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