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Enhancement of Size Gradient of Imprinted Nanopattern by Plasma Etching under a Nonuniform Magnetic Field
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 Title & Authors
Enhancement of Size Gradient of Imprinted Nanopattern by Plasma Etching under a Nonuniform Magnetic Field
Lim, Jonghwan; Kim, Soohyun; Kim, Da Sol; Jeong, Mira; Lee, Jae-Jong; Yun, Wan Soo;
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We report a simple way to enhance the size gradient of an imprinted nanopattern through oxygen plasma etching under a nonuniform magnetic field. A sample substrate was placed next to a magnet, and then a nonuniform magnetic field condition was formed around the sample. Using oxygen plasma etching, a line pattern having an initial width of 273 nm was gradually modified from 248 nm at one end to 182 nm at the other end. Controlling the arrangement of the magnet and sample, we could induce a triangular shape size gradient. We verified that the gradually modified nanopatterns we produced are applicable to continual optical property control, showing a possibility to be utilized for optical components such as gratings and polarizers.
Imprint;Nanopattern;Magnetic field;Oxygen plasma;Etching;
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