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White Light Emission with Quantum Dots: A Review
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 Title & Authors
White Light Emission with Quantum Dots: A Review
Kim, Nam Hun; Jeong, Jaehak; Chae, Heeyeop;
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Quantum dots (QDs) are considered as excellent color conversion and self-emitting materials for display and lighting applications. In this article, various technologies which can be used to realize white light emission with QDs are discussed. QDs have good color purity with a narrow emission spectrum and tunable optical properties with size control capabilities. For white light emission with a color-conversion approach, QDs are combined with blue-emitting inorganic and organic light-emitting diodes (LED) to generate white emission with high energy conversion efficiency and a high color rendering index for various display and lighting applications. Various device structures for self-emitting white QD light-emitting diodes (QD-LED) are also reviewed. Various stacking and patterning technologies are discussed in relation to QD-LED devices.
White light emitting diode;Quantum dots;Photoluminescence;Electroluminescence;
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