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On a Reverse of the Slightly Sharper Hilbert-type Inequality
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  • Journal title : Kyungpook mathematical journal
  • Volume 49, Issue 4,  2009, pp.731-742
  • Publisher : Department of Mathematics, Kyungpook National University
  • DOI : 10.5666/KMJ.2009.49.4.731
 Title & Authors
On a Reverse of the Slightly Sharper Hilbert-type Inequality
Zhong, Jianhua;
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In this paper, by introducing parameters , and two pairs of conjugate exponents (p, q), (r, s) and applying the improved Euler-Maclaurin`s summation formula, we establish a reverse of the slightly sharper Hilbert-type inequality. As applications, the strengthened version and the equivalent form are given.
Hilbert-type inequality;weight coefficient;conjugate exponent;Euler-Maclaurin`s summation formula;Holder`s inequality;
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