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Block LU Factorization for the Coupled Stokes Equations by Spectral Element Discretization
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  • Journal title : Kyungpook mathematical journal
  • Volume 52, Issue 4,  2012, pp.359-373
  • Publisher : Department of Mathematics, Kyungpook National University
  • DOI : 10.5666/KMJ.2012.52.4.359
 Title & Authors
Block LU Factorization for the Coupled Stokes Equations by Spectral Element Discretization
Piao, Xiangfan; Kim, Philsu; Kim, Sang Dong;
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The block LU factorization is used to solve the coupled Stokes equations arisen from an optimal control problem subject to Stokes equations. The convergence of the spectral element solution is proved. Some numerical evidences are provided for the model coupled Stokes equations. Moreover, as an application, this algorithm is performed for an optimal control problem.
LU factorization;coupled stokes equations;optimal control;spectral element method;
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