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Some Identities Involving Euler Polynomials Arising from a Non-linear Differential Equation
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  • Journal title : Kyungpook mathematical journal
  • Volume 53, Issue 4,  2013, pp.553-563
  • Publisher : Department of Mathematics, Kyungpook National University
  • DOI : 10.5666/KMJ.2013.53.4.553
 Title & Authors
Some Identities Involving Euler Polynomials Arising from a Non-linear Differential Equation
Rim, Seog-Hoon; Jeong, Joohee; Park, Jin-Woo;
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We derive a family of non-linear differential equations from the generating functions of the Euler polynomials and study the solutions of these differential equations. Then we give some new and interesting identities and formulas for the Euler polynomials of higher order by using our non-linear differential equations.
Euler polynomials;differential equation;
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