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Majorization Properties for Subclasses of Analytic p-Valent Functions Defined by Convolution
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  • Journal title : Kyungpook mathematical journal
  • Volume 53, Issue 4,  2013, pp.615-624
  • Publisher : Department of Mathematics, Kyungpook National University
  • DOI : 10.5666/KMJ.2013.53.4.615
 Title & Authors
Majorization Properties for Subclasses of Analytic p-Valent Functions Defined by Convolution
El-Ashwah, Rabha Mohamed; Aouf, Mohamed Kamal;
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The object of the present paper is to investigate the majorization properties of certain subclasses of analytic p-valent functions defined by convolution.
Analytic functions;convolution;majorization;
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