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Estimation of Bivariate Survival Function for Possibly Censored Data
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 Title & Authors
Estimation of Bivariate Survival Function for Possibly Censored Data
Park Hyo-Il; Na Jong-Hwa;
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We consider to obtain an estimate of bivariate survival function for the right censored data with the assumption that the two components of censoring vector are independent. The estimate is derived from an ad hoc approach based on the representation of survival function. Then the resulting estimate can be considered as an extension of the Susarla- Van Ryzin estimate to the bivariate data. Also we show the consistency and weak convergence for the proposed estimate. Finally we compare our estimate with Dabrowska's estimate with an example and discuss some properties of our estimate with brief comment on the extension to the multivariate case.
bivariate survival function;consistency;Susarla- Van Ryzin estimate;weak convergence;
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