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Applications of Cluster Analysis in Biplots
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Applications of Cluster Analysis in Biplots
Choi, Yong-Seok; Kim, Hyoung-Young;
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Biplots are the multivariate analogue of scatter plots. They approximate the multivariate distribution of a sample in a few dimensions, typically two, and they superimpose on this display representations of the variables on which the samples are measured(Gower and Hand, 1996, Chapter 1). And the relationships between the observations and variables can be easily seen. Thus, biplots are useful for giving a graphical description of the data. However, this method does not give some concise interpretations between variables and observations when the number of observations are large. Therefore, in this study, we will suggest to interpret the biplot analysis by applying the K-means clustering analysis. It shows that the relationships between the clusters and variables can be easily interpreted. So, this method is more useful for giving a graphical description of the data than using raw data.
Biplots;K-means cluster analysis;
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